Recessed Hand Gun Case

Our Recessed Hand Gun Case discreetly hides your home protection essentials behind an attractive framed mirror or chalkboard. Pull the concealed pin upwards and the frame slides to the side to reveal a formed ABS interior with one shelf and two swiveling pistol mounts which are rubberized to prevent damage to the barrel. Our exclusive pull-pin lock mounted on top eliminates the need to search for any additional keys or magnets in the dark, allowing you to open the case the first try every time.

This is not a safe, but the middle ground between your nightstand drawer and a gun safe. It's meant for those who need to quickly, silently and dependably defend their home while still being assured that their children cannot access the weapons.

Interior dimension is 13 5/8" wide by 16 1/4" high by 3 3/4" deep.  The frame dimension is 18 3/4" wide by 22 3/4" high and protrudes 1 3/4" from the wall.  You will need to cut a hole in your wall to mount this, and it is designed to fit between a standard 16" stud width.

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Recessed Hand Gun Case

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